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Dear customer,

"Jaeger Bruttechnik-Team" is on holiday from 01.12.2019 until 15.01.2020.

In any urgent cases please contact us mobil : +49 (0)160 92 58 75 08 or

via E-Mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


"JAEGER & PFROMMER BRUTAPPARATEBAU" would like to thank all loyal customers for their many years of support. The warm & appreciative engagement and loyalty of you is unprecedented.

Surely you understand that due to the demise of the Managing Director - Guenter Vorlander - in September 2019 the company "JAEGER & PFROMMER BRUTAPPARATEBAU" is in reorganization.

In addition, I know from many of you that a continuing existence of the company "JAEGER & PFROMMER BRUTAPPARATEBAU" would be in your favor. 


For this reason, on behalf of my father, "Guenter Vorlaender & our employees", I would like to sincerely thank all customers and assure that we will do our utmost to make the company a success story again.

"JAEGER & PFROMMER BRUTAPPARATEBAU" will continue with you in the future!!!

Thank you very much!

Your Jaeger Brutechnik Team

Benjamin Dressbach (born Vorlaender)




Dear Poultry/bird, reptile or bee friends,

Breeding poultry, reptiles and bees is an activity that has been pleasing everyone for decades.


Since 1957 the company Jaeger & Pfrommer Brutapparatebau has set itself the task to enable the production of high-quality and also low-priced hatcheries.


Since then, JAEGER-KUNSTGLUCKE has been a recognized name in innumerable breeder circles for more than 50 years.


Many suggestions from our loyal & new customers and our own development work over the years have the JAEGER-KUNSTGLUCKE to a reliable and equally durable breeding device.


The JAEGER-KUNSTGLUCKE proves its high quality in daily use.


A good brood & breeding success wishes you

"Jaeger Bruttechnik Team"


Next to our incubators we offering a selected equipment for your breed. 


For further information please contact us:


E-Mail :This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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