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Dear Poultry/bird, reptile or bee friends,


To breed and take care of poultry/birds, reptiles or bees is an occupation which gives pleasure to more and more people. Our company has set itself the task of facilitating this work through constructing incubating appliances of good quality and at a reasonable price.


The JAEGER ARTIFICIAL INCUBATOR is a term known in breeding circles for more than 50 years. Many suggestions from our customers and our own development work over the years have matured the ARTIFICIAL INCUBATOR into a reliable and durable incubating appliance. Thousands of ARTIFICIAL INCUBATORS prove their high quality in daily use. The best advertising is a satisfactory customer. Please speak with our customers before deciding on your purchase!


Apart from the incubating appliances we can also supply you with selected accessories for poultry/bird and reptile incubation as well as for bee cultures. You will certainly find the items you require in this catalogue, but if not write or call us. We will make every effort to satisfy your wishes.


img_2324-k.jpg img_2327-k.jpg img_2331-k img_2333-k.jpg


We wish you the best incubation and breeding success.

Your Family Vorlaender