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Geflügel - Wir unterstützen Sie bei der Brut und Zucht mit JAEGER Kunstglucken

Jäger & Pfrom­mer Brut­ap­pa­rate e.K. was foun­ded 1957 in Ger­many. Foun­der, Karl Jäger, is foun­der of modern incu­ba­tion tech­no­logy. Today Ben­ja­min Dress­bach is head of the company.

Our Phi­lo­so­phy

Since 1957 we have set our­sel­ves the task of enab­ling the pro­duc­tion of high-qua­lity and also inex­pen­sive incubators.

More than 60 years JAEGER-Incu­ba­tor Type FB-50 & JAEGER-Incu­ba­tor­Type FB-80 Incu­ba­tors are the first choice of Breeding.

We want your Brood and Bree­ding to be a Success

Jäger & Pfrom­mer Brut­ap­pa­rate e.K. has had suc­cess­ful coö­pe­ra­tion part­ners for years, who work tog­e­ther purposefully.

Tog­e­ther with our part­ners, today’s incu­ba­tion tech­no­logy has deve­lo­ped into an important branch of indus­try for bree­ders world­wide, whose common goal is to be able to breed sus­tainably under opti­mal con­di­ti­ons and care.

Our History

  • In 1953, Karl Jäger, born in 1894, filed the first app­li­ca­tion for the manage­ment of a trade (pro­duc­tion of bree­ding cushions) at the Cham­ber of Crafts Wiesbaden
  • On Janu­ary 12, 1956, Karl Jäger exp­lains the app­li­ca­tion for an exemp­tion to the district pre­si­dent in Wies­ba­den as fol­lows: “I would like to pro­duce an self Breed Incu­ba­tor deve­lo­ped in three deca­des, a so-called “arti­fi­cial brood hen”, offer to poul­try bree­ders and see whe­ther for it inte­rest exists.……” this is the first foun­da­tion-stone of the com­pany the brood tech­no­logy was laid
  • In Janu­ary 1957,Son Her­bert Jäger, born March 26, 1937, is aut­ho­ri­zed to ope­rate a busi­ness for the pro­duc­tion and sale of tech­ni­cal innovations
  • Febru­ary 1957, Her­bert Jäger filed an app­li­ca­tion with the trade office in Wäch­ters­bach for the pro­duc­tion and sale of incu­ba­tion equip­ment under the com­pany name “Her­bert Jäger Appa­ra­te­bau”. Authen­ti­ca­ted and appro­ved by the then mayor “Held­mann” in Wächtersbach
  • Octo­ber 1959, the father Karl Jäger has to re-regis­ter the com­pany after the sudden death of his son, Her­bert Jäger, with retroac­tive effect from 18.05.1959. A heavy blow for the com­pany Her­bert Jäger Appa­ra­te­bau in Wächtersbach
  • Almost ten years later Karl Jäger sub­mits the first app­li­ca­tion for a per­ma­nent com­pany name as fol­lows “Her­bert Jäger Inh. Karl Jäger”
  • 1976 the re-regis­tra­tion of the com­pany “Her­bert Jäger Inh. Karl Jäger” to Eli­sa­beth Jäger born 1904 and Anna Pfrom­mer born 1920 due to the death of the foun­der Karl Jäger in the same year
  • The com­pany is con­ti­nued under the name and owners “Eli­sa­beth Jäger & Anna Pfrom­mer”, Stad­hal­len­weg 1 in 6480 Wächtersbach
  • Regis­tra­tion with the Süd­deut­sche Eisen- und Stahl-Berufs­ge­nos­sen­schaft (sta­tu­tory acci­dent insurance) in 1977 by the com­pany “Jäger & Pfrommer”
  • Infor­ma­tion about the ope­ra­ting con­di­ti­ons at the Cham­ber of Indus­try and Com­merce Hanau-Gelnhausen-Schlüchtern
  • Com­mer­cial regis­ter app­li­ca­tion and regis­tra­tion under 264/​1978 “Her­bert Jäger, Brut­ap­pa­ra­te­bau Inh. Jäger und Pfrom­mer OHG”, Wirt­hei­mer Str. 20 in 6480 Wäch­ters­bach in 1978
  • Ren­aming of the com­pany to “Jäger und Pfrom­mer Brut­ap­pa­ra­te­bau OHG, vorm. Her­bert Jäger” in Sep­tem­ber 1978
  • 1979 goes the trade enter­prise in the “Jäger u. Pfrom­mer Brut­ap­pa­ra­te­bau OHG, vorm. Her­bert Jäger” on
  • The co-owner Eli­sa­beth Jäger died in 1992 and left the busi­ness to Anna Pfrom­mer
  • Anna Pfrom­mer hands over the busi­ness to her daugh­ter Ursula Vor­län­der born 1949 in March 1992
  • The busi­ness enter­prise “Jäger u. Pfrom­mer Brut­ap­pa­ra­te­bau OHG, vorm. Her­bert Jäger” is re-named to “JAEGER BRUTTECHNIK”
  • Rene­wed com­mer­cial regis­ter app­li­ca­tion in 1992 under HRA 1716 in “Jäger & Pfrom­mer Brut­ap­pa­rate Owner Ursula Vorländer”
  • 2007 change of the com­pany in “Jäger & Pfrom­mer Brut­ap­pa­rate owner Ursula Vor­län­der e.K.” under HRA 11716
  • In 2011 the owner Ursula Vor­län­der leaves the com­pany and is handed over to her hus­band Günter Vor­län­der born 1943
  • Re-regis­tra­tion of the com­pany “Jäger und Pfrom­mer Brut­ap­pa­rate Inha­ber Ursula Vor­län­der e.K.” in “Jäger und Pfrom­mer Brut­ap­pa­rate Inha­ber Günter Vor­län­der e.K.”, pro­duc­tion and trade with incu­ba­tors and accessories
  • Due to the sudden death of the owner Günter Vor­län­der in Sep­tem­ber 2019, the com­pany passes back to Ursula Vor­län­der
  • Han­ding over of the busi­ness “Jäger und Pfrom­mer Brut­ap­pa­rate Inha­ber Günter Vor­län­der e.K.” to the son Ben­ja­min Dreß­bach born (1977) Vor­län­der in 2020 under HRA 11716 with the cur­rent busi­ness name “Jäger und Pfrom­mer Brut­ap­pa­rate e.K.”.

Our Pro­ducts